“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want”.

This is a principle we follow in helping the kids at Gampola Rewatha Vidyalaya. We have promised to support the school till the year 2025 in terms of academic and non-academic activities and ensure they become a self-depended institution. Since the start of this project, it has created a lot of awareness for the school and the number of stakeholders has increased. The road leading to the school was not in good shape back then but it was great to see that it was under renovation during our last visit.

The previous blog article on the project explained how 3 of our Club members spent more than a month at the village to support the kids in English Language and give special attention for the ones sitting for their Grade 05 Scholarship Exam. We were overwhelmed when we got to know that almost all the kids who sat for the exam have got through successfully. This will help them to continue their education in another school as the current school only has access till Grade 05.  The students have to travel miles on foot from home to their current school and their new school is even further away. So, as a group of volunteers who look at the well-being of the kids wanted to support in bringing a solution for this issue.

It was a great pleasure for us when Decathlon Company agreed to join hands with the project to help the kids in fulfilling their essential needs.  On the 21st of January, the Club members along with the Decathlon team visited the school to donate sports equipment, essential items, and casual footwear for all the kids and mountain bicycles for the kids who sat for their Scholarship Exam last year. It was great to see the enlightened faces of the kids when they got to know that they will have a new mode of commute to the new school which is miles away from their houses. During our stay in the village, we understood that the kids were fond of playing cricket and Badminton. So, Decathlon gave sports equipments required to play the game and wanted to emphasize the importance of sports for life to the kids along with education. Meanwhile, Rtr. Dilanka Kumarasinghe wanted to test whether the kids could remember what he had taught to them a few months back. The kids took some time in the beginning but they did not disappoint us later as they made sure to give the correct answer all the time.

As a Club, we follow a policy not to give everything to the school free of charge but make sure that the ones who receive, feel that they earned it and this will encourage them to work hard. The school is the best place to teach kids, moral values, the importance of co-existence, and the reality that nothing can be earned without effort or cost. Kids are the future of the world and we have a responsibility of guiding them to the right path.